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All teams are required to raise a minimum of £1,200 sponsorship (just £300 per person).  Our 21 challenges to date have raised over £1.85 million for 350 different charities.

Which Charities?

Our great approach allows each cycle team to choose which charity receives 75% of sponsorship raised by them. The remaining 25% plus gift aid is donated to the organiser’s charities.

2024 Organiser’s Charities

The charities selected are Tibbs Dementia Foundation, Action 4 Youth and the charitable trusts of the 2 organising Rotary clubs, Bedford Park and Milton Keynes Grand Union.

How to collect donations

An easy way to maximise your fundraising at no extra cost is to ensure that private individuals who sponsor you provide the required information for us to claim Gift Aid. We then reclaim from the Government an extra 25% of every donation. The normal way to do this is to set up a linked People’s Fundraising page – just how to do that is advised after entry.

What expenses does Extra Mile deduct from fundraising?

As a result of our generous commercial supporters, Extra mile has never deducted any costs thus allowing all sponsorship raised to be passed on to good causes.