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Conditions of Entry

  1. The Challenge is organised and managed by Extra Mile Challenges a company limited by guarantee (company registration number 4787529, registered charity number 1100243). No contract exists between any individual or team and the commercial supporters or sponsors of Extra Mile Challenges or any of them.
  2. Participants must be aged 18 or over on the day immediately preceding the first planned day’s cycling.
  3. Entries are not confirmed until the team’s entry fee has been paid in full.
  4. Every team must appoint a team leader, through whom all correspondence with Extra Mile Challenges can be conducted. All information provided to the team leader shall be taken to have been given to every member of the team.
  5. Everyone taking part in the Challenge shall be taken to have accepted these conditions of entry and to have agreed to comply with Extra Mile Challenges’ Safety and Welfare Guidelines
  6. Extra Mile Challenges may use, store or process information concerning any team or individual in accordance with its privacy policy.
  7. Extra Mile Challenges reserves the right at any time:
    1. to change any of the route, accommodation, channel crossing and other arrangements for the Challenge; and/or (if Extra Mile Challenges considers it necessary through any cause beyond its control) to cancel the Challenge.
    2. No such change or cancellation, and no withdrawal from the Challenge by any team or individual, shall entitle any team or individual to a refund of the entry fee or any part of it or to any other compensation. Any savings resulting from cancellation or other material change in the arrangements for the Challenge may be used by Extra Mile Challenges to defray its expenses and to donate any surplus to charity in accordance with these conditions.
  8. Once a team’s reservation and deposit have been received by Extra Mile Challenges, the deposit is non-refundable. No refund of the deposit or entry fee, or any part of them, will be provided in any circumstances except at the sole discretion of Extra Mile Challenges.
  9. Except to the extent that liability cannot by law be excluded:
    1. Extra Mile Challenges shall not be liable for any loss damage injury or death however caused, arising from or in connection with the participation of any person in the Challenge;
    2. No commercial supporter or sponsor of Extra Mile Challenges shall be liable to any person for any loss damage injury or death however caused arising from or in connection with the participation of any person in the Challenge.
  10. Every participant must effect, for the duration of the Challenge, insurance with a reputable insurer sufficient in the participant’s own judgment to compensate them, and any person to whom they may be liable, in the event of injury, death, damage to or loss of property, cancellation of the Challenge and any other risks they consider appropriate. Extra Mile Challenges shall have no liability in any such circumstances except to the extent (if any) that liability cannot by law be excluded.
  11. Every team must, in addition to the entry fee, pay to Extra Mile Challenges as soon as practicable and in any event within two months after the last day of the Challenge all sums raised by the team by way of sponsorship, and being at least such minimum amount as Extra Mile Challenges has published in connection with the Challenge. Each team member is jointly and severally responsible for this minimum sponsorship commitment.
  12. Each team may select up to two registered charities to which a proportion (published by Extra Mile Challenges in connection with the Challenge) of the sponsorship money it receives from that team is to be donated. Where a team nominates more than one charity Extra Mile Challenges shall pay that amount in such proportions as the team leader has notified in writing to Extra Mile Challenges within two months after the last day of the Challenge. If no apportionment is specified then the relevant sum shall be allocated equally between the team’s nominated charities or, if none, between the charities selected by Extra Mile Challenges. The remainder of the team’s sponsorship money will be donated to the charities nominated by Extra Mile Challenges as published in the information it issues in connection with the Challenge. Extra Mile Challenges shall allocate tax it reclaims under the Gift Aid scheme in the manner specified in the information it publishes in connection with the Challenge.
  13. The team leader must provide to Extra Mile Challenges on request and in any event prior to the start of the Challenge the correct legal title, charity registration number, address and a contact name for each charity selected by their team.
  14. Extra Mile Challenges aims to distribute to charity the whole of the sponsorship funds raised by the teams participating in the Challenge, but reserves the right to draw upon such funds to meet the cost of administration and of the Challenge if it considers that to be necessary, in such manner as it shall determine in its discretion. The balance of each team’s sponsorship funds after any such deduction shall be donated to charity in accordance with Condition 12 above.
  15. Every participant undertakes to comply with these conditions and any other reasonable regulations rules or directions notified to them or their team leader on behalf of Extra Mile Challenges in connection with the organisation and running of the Challenge and the collection and distribution of sponsorship money.