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We’ve teamed up with a new site – Peoples Fundraising – and to make things easy, we have a step by step guide to assist you in setting up your fundraising page.

1.       Go to PF      and click Sign Up….Individual fundraiser  Once you are signed up/logged in go to step 2 below

2.       Set yourself up as an Individual fundraiser (not team) (shown as 1 of 2)

3.       Assign a campaign (2 of 2).  In search criteria, search Extra Mile Challenges and click.  It should find EMC.  Then Add 100% and click.

In more detail…

Step 2 (set yourself up as an individual fundraiser):

  • Hover over the “Person running” Icon
  • Under Fundraisers, select “Step 1 of 2 Create a fundraising page”
  • Under General enter:
    • Page Name (e.g. your team’s name and 2022)
    • Enter description
    • Page address (there will be a default based on page name above, but you can edit)
    • Display total – check Yes (recommended) or No
    • Display number of supporters – check Yes (recommended) or No
    • Display a QR code – check Yes (recommended) or No
    • Make it public – check Yes (recommended) or No
    • Will you receive benefit – No
    • Target – enter your target in £ and pence, e.g. minimum £300.00 for an individual
    • Raised Offline – you must enter a figure in £ and pence, e.g. £10.00, even if nothing raised offline yet (can be edited later once page set up)
    • Start date – whatever date you expect to use the page (e.g. whatever the date is you are setting-up page)
    • End date – last date page will be available for donations, e.g. 15/11/2022
    • Donation amounts – can choose up to 5, e.g. £10, £25, £50, although supporters can select other amounts when they donate
  • You can now preview your page (optional) – clicking the “Preview” button opens the page in a new tab, so you can look at it and change, if necessary, or keep as is.  Once happy, you can either close that preview tab or go back to the create tab and select “Create” button.
  • NOTE: On the “Create” page there are other areas, e.g. “Theme” under which you can change how the page looks, “Social Media” to link to Facebook, etc. These are optional and you can go back and do this later (after the page has been created) by using “Update” page.

Once you have hit the “Create” button


Step 3 (assign a campaign):

  • In Search criteria, search for “Extra Mile Challenges” and select “Search” button. EMC should appear below.
  • Click on “Add 100%” button
  • At this point it should tell you that you have a valid campaign (and a “full allocation”)
  • You will then be asked to click on “Continue” to finish basic set-up
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Select “View, update or delete fundraising pages”
  • Scroll down and your page should appear
  • At this stage you can “View” by clicking on the link to your page or you can click on “Update” if you wish to change anything

If you wish to check by making a small donation, follow these instructions:

  • Click on link to page
  • Click on “Donate”
  • Choose payment method
  • Select amount to donate (or enter own amount)
  • Fill in payment details and personal details
  • Allow support organisation to keep in tough – check Yes (recommended) or No
  • Show name on fundraising page – check Yes (recommended) or No
  • Are you eligible for Gift Aid – Yes (assuming you are)
  • Comment – optional
  • Tick the “I am not a Robot” button

If you are not trying to link multiple Individual Fundraisers to a Team, you can simply copy and send out the link to your potential supporters and ask them to make a donation, reminding them to tick “Yes” when asked “Are you eligible for Gift Aid” (assuming they are).  Making a donation is relatively simple, but fundraisers may wish to send out the instructions above.


If you want to link multiple Individual Fundraisers to a Team, you ( team leader) need to Create a Team Fundraiser page.


The instructions are basically the same as above, except that at the beginning of “Step 2”, you do the following:

  • Hover over the “Person running” Icon
  • Under Team Fundraisers, select “Step 1 of 2 Create a team fundraising page”

When you reach the “View, update or delete” point under Step 3, you will see a “More” button:

  • Click on “More”
  • Select “Add fundraising page”
  • Under search criteria, type the name of the individual fundraising page you want to link to the team page and click the “Search” button
  • When page has been found, click the “Add” button
  • If known, you can then add other individual fundraising pages
  • When finished adding, click “Continue”

If you then go back to the Team Fundraising page “View”, under the “About” section you will see the Individual Fundraising pages listed. Any donations on those pages will show in the “Donations” section.  You can also add more individual fundraising pages from this “View” by going down to the “Fundraising Pages” section near the bottom of the page and clicking on “Add”.