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French roads and pollution vignette..

Date: Friday, 16th Nov 2018 | Category: General

Crit’Air Vignette 

As part of a policy to try to improve air quality, various French towns and cities have either a permanent requirement for the vehicle to have a Crit’Air vignette attached to the windscreen or a temporary requirement at times of poor air quality, whilst Paris has a permanent ruling. The vignette must be obtained in advance – allow 30 days!

The pollution triggered enforcement can be imposed without warning and therefore the only safe option (to avoid a potentially hefty fine) is to apply for a Crit’Air vignette without delay.

Indeed it is not just towns, there is a large Loiret/Orleans environmental zone covering a large part of the Loire valley (where we are cycling) where restrictions may be imposed without warning.  Paris has a permanent weekday zone regardless of the air quality.  A Crit’Air vignette must be applied for online well in advance, for a specified vehicle.  The cost is only about €5 incl postage to UK but delivery takes weeks (we believe that acknowledgement is proof of application).  It is important that you visit the official website for full details

Be wary of any other website where substantially higher costs can be incurred (incl the 118 telephone line).

It is important to make an early decision about which vehicle you are taking and apply now.  Older vehicles may have a problem and there might be difficulties if you plan to hire a vehicle.

We can only leave each team to sort this out for yourselves.

Speed Limits:


The maximum speed limit for “National” “two way” roads has been reduced from 90 kph to 80 kph.