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15 Aug 2018

For all riders - a very informative video explaining how our dedicated Marshal Team arrow the route each day.


Take a look ahead reading the route directions - soon to be published.....

5 weeks to go!

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French roads and pollution vignette..

12 Aug 2018

Crit’Air Vignette 

As part of a policy to try to improve air quality, various French towns and cities have either a permanent requirement for the vehicle to have a Crit’Air vignette attached to the windscreen or a temporary requirement at times of poor air quality, whilst Paris has a permanent ruling. The vignette must be obtained in advance - allow 30 days!

The pollution triggered enforcement can be imposed without warning and therefore the only safe option (to avoid a potentially hefty fine) is to apply for a Crit’Air vignette without delay.

Indeed it is not just towns, there is a large Loiret/Orleans environmental zone covering a large part of the Loire valley (where we are cycling) where restrictions may be imposed without warning.  Paris has a permanent weekday zone regardless of the air quality.  A Crit’Air vignette must be applied for online well in advance, for a specified vehicle.  The cost is only about €5 incl postage to UK but delivery takes weeks (we believe that acknowledgement is proof of application).  It is important that you visit the official website for full details

Be wary of any other website where substantially higher costs can be incurred (incl the 118 telephone line).

It is important to make an early decision about which vehicle you are taking and apply now.  Older vehicles may have a problem and there might be difficulties if you plan to hire a vehicle.

We can only leave each team to sort this out for yourselves.

Speed Limits:


The maximum speed limit for "National" "two way" roads has been reduced from 90 kph to 80 kph. 

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Route 66 (well 2018!)

28 Jun 2018

For those enthusiastic to see the cycle routes for the three days of the Auvergne Challenge, every one of the 500 miles is shown on the attached links.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

The route this year is wonderfully varied – from the Loire valley to the volcanic mountains of the Auvergne, to the forests of the Morvan hills to the vineyards of Marsannay at the finish.

You are allowed to get excited by studying the attached.

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Excitement as team entries roll in....

4 Apr 2018

Entries are rolling in for this September’s Auvergne Challenge.

To date we have 27 teams entered and at the last count another 11 teams close to finalising their entries.

Due to hotel and catering arrangements, we have available a maximum of 44 team places.

To be certain of reserving your team space, visit our website Home page and complete your entry form.

A deposit now of just £200 will ensure that your space on those fantastic empty roads of the Massif Central is reserved for you and your colleagues.

The balance of the entry fee for all teams is due by Monday 14th May.

Don’t delay – Enter Today!

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30 Mar 2018

A great evening over at our Presentation Evening at the 'View of the Lake' in Milton Keynes.

Over 80 guests heard how the 2107 Brittany Challenge Teams and Event delivered almost 89000 pounds to Charity; what a fantastic effort!!

Main event charities received cheques for 7500 pounds, with 40 teams receiving cheques to over 50 different Charities.

We all heard also of the plans for the Auvergne 2018 Challenge in September - away from the Coast this year and into the hills and forests of the Central Massif and the Auvergne National Park.

With 26 Teams already entered, we still have spaces available, so join us for what promises to be another great event.

Team Entry is a very reasonable 1596.00 for 4 riders - including Eurotunnel, breakfast and evening meals and 4 nights' accommodation. It really is a great team building event that delivers all fundraising directly to Charity without any deduction - thanks to the generous support of our commercial supporters  

Fill in your entry form and submit it now to ensure your starting position!!

The Extramile Team 

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14 Mar 2018

We would all love to see you join us for the Annual Extramile Presentation on March 20 at 'The View at the Water's Edge' in Milton Keynes.

Starting at 18.00 and with refreshments available after - we will hear details of the amounts raised on the 2017 Brittany Challenge - always a tremendously anticipated figure - and news of our 2018 Auvergne Challenge.

For catering numbers, please email RSVP to and we look forward to you joining us and celebrating all the Teams' achievements.

The Extramile Team

Download the 2018 Extra Mile Challenge Reception Invitation


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